Dreamy scrubs

You DO know why everyone on Grey’s Anatomy looks so good in scrubs?  It’s more than just their personal trainers and television star bodies.  The scrubs worn by the cast of Grey’s Anatomy are altered to fit them perfectly.

Landau Unisex Reversible Scrub Pant
Photo credits: Metro Uniform
Blue scrub pants

Do you have basic or moderate sewing skills?  Wash and dry your scrubs so you’re working on them after any shrinkage occurs.  Press lightly so you’re seeing the best possible drape when you decide where to nip and tuck.

Most scrubs tops will fit the female form better if they have bust darts that point straight at the point of the bust, but show only from the side.  A correctly sewn bust dart will not show from the front.  Avoid pucker and dimples by sewing the last 1/2 inch of the dart on practically nothing.  Tie-off your knots by hand – don’t backstitch.

Scrub pants with elastic waists are wonderful, but if your waist and hips are not perfectly proportioned like a catalog model, you might want to buy the waist to fit and then put a vertical dart front or back (or both) on each leg to slim the leg down.

Men in scrubs are usually happiest with the fit when the scrub tops are longer so they don’t ride up in back.  A couple of vents in the back of the top are useful, too.  Some brands, like Landau offer scrub tops with vents, but the women’s and unisex scrub tops don’t often have them.  Men also seem to prefer the fly front and cargo pockets, so scrub pants for men should be purchased to fit the waist and hips correctly and then slim down the legs if necessary.  Always balance the legs front and back before you decide where to nip and tuck and match up both legs with whatever alterations you make.

If you’re not a seamstress, it really pays to find someone handy with uniform alterations.  Many tailors have stayed in business over the years by contracting with the City to provide alterations on Police and Fire uniforms, including sewing badges and stripes.  Those pros can whip up a dart or change a hemline in minutes and will charge accordingly.  In a mid-size town, expect to pay a good tailor less than you would the alteration person at the dry cleaners. 

If you’re just starting out in a healthcare profession, make sure you understand the facility dress code or color code policy before you spend your work clothes budget.  Then buy three full sets of basic scrubs if you work full-time and two full sets if you’re part-time.  Have them altered to fit perfectly (after they’ve been laundered once).  Now you can add fun print tops and brightly colored drawstring scrub pants or any other fashionable combination as you can afford them.  Soon you’ll have a working wardrobe that’s built to serve your every day workload with some fun and frivolity built in.

And you’ll look fabulous!

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