Women’s Crocs: The Nursing Shoe of Today

Guest Post
By Mike Jerry

If you are a nurse, you need to own a pair of women’s crocs shoes.  Nursing clogs have been a favorite type of shoe in the nursing industry for many years. Clogs are comfortable, because of their wide widths, easy on and off capabilities, and simple clean up.

Crocs has improved in this idea by making their clogs in fun colors and including an unbelievable comfortable orthotic foot bed. Crocs are made from a PCCR material that is lightweight and durable. They are the perfect shoes for a hospital setting with their stylish design and easy cleaning; they are the new nursing clogs of today!

Women in the nursing field have been wearing clogs for over 10 years. The newest clog shoe on the block is Crocs clog. There is no specific shoe made by Crocs that is called a nursing clog, because all of Crocs clogs are great for nursing.  Crocs come in a variety of styles with or without portholes to fit all workplace environments.

The main concern for women when choosing a pair of Crocs to wear as a nurse is going to be whether they can have ventilation holes or not. Every workplace is different in their dress codes, so Crocs has come out with the Crocs Professional, Metro, Aspen and Highland shoes.  All four of these designs are ideal for any nurse who wants to feel comfortable and casual throughout their workday.

Crocs Professional and Metro shoes will fit most women’s working needs. They have a closed top design to help protect from getting the foot wet. The side ventilation ports remained to help cool the foot. Crocs designed channels around the ports to keep fluid away. Crocs Metro has a smooth top, while Crocs Professional clogs have a ribbed top. Both are designed with a slip resistant non-marking sole and wide foot bed.

Many women, who are looking to buy a pair of shoes for their nursing job, are not able to wear Crocs shoes with port opening. Crocs has designed the Aspen and Highland shoes to meet these women’s needs. The Aspen is a great nursing clog and will fit within most companies nursing dress code. This durable design is closed and has no portholes. The Aspen has a ribbed top and the highland is smooth. Made from the same durable material as all Crocs, these shoes will stand up to any spill you can throw at it.

As a nurse, it is often impossible to spend the whole day on your feet and not be in horrible pain by the end of the day. With Crocs clogs, you can finally walk out of work with a smile on your face. Your feet will no longer be throbbing and aching. Instead of going straight home to soak your feet, you can go out on the town and enjoy yourself.

Crocs shoes are made for work or play, so there is not need to change your shoes at the end of the day. Your Crocs clogs will go with you anywhere and everywhere; they are the true all purpose shoe.

Crocs shoes are the hottest thing to come along in the shoe world in quite some time! For more helpful articles and information sources regarding this fun footwear, please visit us at: crocsshoesonline.com

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