In honor of Nurses

Tomorrow (May 6th) marks the beginning of National Nurses Week.  I can’t think of a group of people who deserve a week of their own more than nurses.  I realize that there are hundreds of different types of nurses and nursing jobs, but if you think about everything that depends on a nurse’s training and skills, a week doesn’t seem like enough.
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I remember reading once that being admitted to the hospital was not so you could be under the care of a doctor.  Doctor’s admit you to the hospital to put you under the care of nurses.  Nurses are the eyes and ears of a hospital; might I suggest that they are also the heart.  I don’t really mean the warm, fuzzy, attaboys they provide when you finish your warm green jello.  I’m talking about the fact that a good nurse can help you heal by easing your mind and providing emotional support when you’re worried and scared.

We’ve had our share of medical-related adventures in our life.  When you are in the hospital on either side of that bedrail, you need to feel like you’re in competent hands.  There’s not that much interaction with the Doctors, but the nurses and the nursing assistants can make you feel like you’re in a place where you can get better.

What I’ve written doesn’t begin to honor nurses and the entire healing profession in the way I meant to, but this next week is your chance (and mine) to hug a nurse or encourage one you know to feel appreciated.  Share what you know about nursing with a child who might grow up to bring skillful healing arts to someone in need.  

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