About Scrubs and Clogs

When you spend 4-24 hours a day at work, dressed in scrubs, you’re ready for a little bit of easy when you sit down on break or better yet – when you get home.  We’re here to bring you a complete catalog of scrub tops, scrub pants, scrub jackets, lab coats, and clogs for work.

If you’re new or about to graduate, you’ll find a few tips from the pros about choosing the right styles and sizes to get you through your shifts.  When you’re an old pro, you just want an easy way to get some Dickie cargo pants ordered and on their way to your door.  We try to provide all of that and maybe even a little more.

Please be kind and share your “find” with others in the Unit.  When they see you in your new Nautical scrub top or your hip flip scrub pants, give them our name and web address.  There are so many different styles they’ll find new ideas of their own.

If your team likes to coordinate colors or styles every day or once in awhile (like for holidays), then don’t forget that one of you could order for everyone and save a few bucks.